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Diesel Boxer

Kodi Boxer Double Handle Leather Dog Lead

$70.00 - $75.00
Kodi Boxer Double Handle Leather Dog Lead

Handcrafted in Vancouver, BC Canada. Hand Made, treated, stamped, beveled, burnished, and riveted.

The Kodi Boxer leather leash is a soft, comfortable and versatile leash. Ideal for those days walking around town together or a nice stroll through the park. This leash is equipped with two handles, one the regular handle at the top of the leash and a second handle near the bottom. The second handle allows for more control when walking around town, while still having the convenience of a long leash through the trails. Comes in natural, black, oxblood, mahogany, burgundy or dark brown. Extra dee rings for easy storage or pet accessories like our designer poo bag carrier.


Handcrafted in Canada
3/4″ or 1" wide
available in 4ft lengths
premium 8-10oz bridle leather
Brass, Nickel or Antique Brass

Made of the same premium leathers as our collars, this leash is the perfect compliment to your dieselboxer collar. Each leash is hand cut into 3/4″ or 1" strips and trimmed to the desired length.

This is a quality leash that does not compare to anything you will find in stores. The beveled handles adds a nice soft comfortable fit in your hand.
This leash is dedicated to our beloved late doberman, Kodi.

Please include your colour and hardware choice in the note section at checkout. Or you can email it to [email protected] with your name, email, number and pets information. Thanks!